welcome to my page! please view this on a full-screen chrome window. i don't have alot to say on this homepage... click around to explore.
much more about the site..
hello!! welcome to caladan. artwork to the left by qwi13 on tumblr :) if you're curious about me, i (the owner) (WOAH!!) am hyun. it's difficult to make a description of myself without sounding awkward? maybe this is just me though. i'm an 18 year old korean-wasian lesbian in australia, i love the city and coffee and jazz.

this site is dedicated to archiving my current endeavours of life in a way i feel social media can't capture in such a personal way. at the moment, most of my life consists of just surviving college. i made the unfortunate choice of being a psychology major (jokes, i really like my degree. my spin is psychology).

however, i have other interests outside. of that. i have many hobbies that i like to talk about. i've currently been reading alot, i like bugs, the arts, fashion, cooking, numerous nintendo franchises (especially pokemon) and a numerous amount of other things. i like to try all different things and i find alot of personal enjoyment in learning about all different areas of life.
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